WHAT IS DevelopME?

DevelopME is a developmental programme to guide and support parents through the first three years of their child’s development. DevelopME groups are aimed to keep children stimulated and developmentally on track.

At DevelopME children can have fun engaging in age-appropriate activities while parents feel supported and guided by coaches trained in the DevelopME philosophy and approach.


The DevelopME programme was created by three experienced occupational therapists who understand the important role parents play in their child’s overall physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional-social development.

The DevelopME groups are small and limited to a maximum of ten children and parents to ensure individual attention, maximum parent support and adherence to our strict Covid protocols.


  • The programme has been developed by specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapists.

  • The programme is run by DevelopME trained coaches who all have at least 3 years of experience in childhood development.

  • The groups are aimed at nurturing the relationship between you and your child.

  • The activities are specifically designed to improve physical,cognitive,sensory and social-emotional development.

  • The activities can be adapted to suit the specific needs and developmental stage of your child.

  • The activities can be easily recreated at home to keep your baby stimulated at home too.

  • The DevelopME coaches are available to answer any of your developmental queries or concerns.



DevelopME FUN


"I've done a couple of mom and baby groups since I had my daughter. However, DevelopMe is quite unique in that it provides a resource rich environment for mom and baby to connect with one another through free play that is guided by an experienced and gentle child specialist. It has deepened my connection with my daughter, and we just have a load of fun together.”

Rebecca, mom of 1 year old