DevelopME groups provide a safe space for parents to engage in age-appropriate activities with their child under the gentle guidance of a DevelopME coach. Our groups also provide an opportunity for parents to connect with and support each other.

Each weekly DevelopME group will include activities that cover four important areas of childhood development-physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional-social. 

DevelopME groups are aimed to help parents become skilled at sustaining their child’s concentration during an activity, learning how to follow their child’s lead during play and encouraging independence in their child.



The DevelopME programme consists of weekly groups for parents and their child. Each DevelopME group will consist of DOING age-appropriate activities with your child aimed to foster their development.


Each weekly DevelopME group will focus on the four main areas of childhood development: physical, cognitive, sensory and social-emotional.


The DevelopME programme guides parents to optimise their engagement with their child and learn how to truly BE with their child.

Parents will learn how to keep their child well-regulated on an emotional and sensory level. Parents will learn how to recognise the cues that indicate that their child is becoming overstimulated. This in turn will help parents manage their child better and avoid 'meltdowns'.


At DevelopME, we believe that every child is born with an innate ability to develop into a unique individual. As parents, we are tasked with nurturing and growing that potential.


Your DevelopME coach is there to guide parents to BECOME an expert in their child. Every week, parents will be introduced to a new DevelopME principle which aims to foster engagement between you and your child, and a deeper understanding of their sensory and emotional needs.



  1. Connect with me 

  2. Follow my lead

  3. Set limits for me

  4. Wait for me

  5. Stretch my attention 

  6. Notice my sensory system 

  7. Regulate my sensory system 

  8. Reflect my feelings

  9. Stay with my emotions

  10. Problem solve with me

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