The DevelopME programme was created by three experienced occupational therapists and mothers who are passionate about childhood development.


Being mothers themselves, the creators understand first hand the challenge of keeping children appropriately stimulated at home. The DevelopME creators know how overwhelming and daunting the first few years of motherhood can be and how difficult it is to prepare for this journey.


The DevelopME creators have a background in DIR-Floortime, Sensory Integration and Chid-Centered Play Therapy and have integrated these developmental approaches into the DevelopME programme.






















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Meet Taryn Schneider: 

Taryn is a wife and mom to an enthusiastic and active 5 year old son. Taryn has a Masters in Child-Centred Play Therapy from Roehampton University in the United Kingdom. She is also a qualified Occupational Therapist and trained in DIR Floortime. 

Taryn uses a very practical and functional approach to managing emotional and behavioural challenges in children. She aims to empower parents by helping them understand their children holistically and as a result manage them more effectively at home. Taryn also enjoys working closely with teachers to support children emotionally in the classroom and facilitate their understanding of how emotional well-being impacts on school performance.

Meet Cornelia Liebentritt:

Cornelia is an Occupational Therapist with 18 years of clinical experience working with children, adults and their families. She has a particular interest in sensory integration for adults and children from diverse populations, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. She qualified in using various therapeutic interventions, including Ayers Sensory Integration®, DIR® Floortime and Therapeutic Listening. 


Cornelia is fortunate to be married to her supportive Austrian husband, Gernot. They have a three-year-old little boy, Simon. They live at the foot of Table Mountain, where they enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.